Why You Should Use Coinstats.App

This post is not sponsored. I am not receiving any financial incentives to write this article. I use this app daily & pay the $5/m subscription fee out of pocket. ?

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Coinstats.app Website

What is Coinstats.app?

Coinstats.app is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker as you might have guessed. It allows you to quickly track, analyze, and exchange cryptocurrencies through the app or website. There’s also an extensive list of data, resources, and tools to utilize.

Automatic Profit / Loss Tracking!

This was the most compelling selling point for me. I tested a substantial amount of apps searching for one that would automatically calculate profit and loss according to past transactions. At one point I had an insane spread sheet with every transaction and its details. As you may have experienced yourself, this becomes quite cumbersome the further you go. This feature alone is WELL worth the $5 subscription fee.

1 Free Wallet Support

Coinstats allows you import one address for free! It will do all of the profit / loss calculations both past and present. Wow! I’ll be honest with you, at first I didn’t believe the $5/m was worth it because hey, “I only have one active wallet” – but wait, what about your past wallets where you stupidly lost your profit loss data? This is where the pro version comes in. Import those old wallets, have a combined overview of ALL wallet profit loss data.

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Apple Watch Support


Coinstats.app is both a website and an app. They support Windows, Mac, iPhones, Apple Watch, Android phones. Both the website and app work in almost an identical manner. They are both clean and do the job well. There are plenty of preferences and alerts you can enable or disable, similar to many other crypto portfolio apps.

Coisntats.app Monthly Pricing


The “Pro” access is only $5/m or $3.49/m if you pay annually. They have a $20/m premium plan, but I’ve never needed it thus far. I’ll be honest with you, at first I didn’t see the value. It wasn’t until I realized the app is essentially an automatic account manager who keeps tracks of all of your transactions to the letter without fail.

Coinstats.app 24hr Report

Other Features

There’s a mile long list of other things packed inside Coinstats.app. News section, price charts, live prices, widgets, coin insights, pie charts, 24hr reports. All sorts of data and tools to utilize, truly an all in one solution

In my opinion, the automatic profit loss tracking alone is worth the $5 per month. All of the other features are just cherries on top. Time is money friend. Are you going to spend hours upon hours tracking data manually? Or pay $5/m?

Rhetorical question. Pay the $5 and save yourself the headache.

Get it on Android here.

Get it on Apple here.


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