Uniswap API Crashes!

As of this writing, it appears Uniswap’s API is offline. Other tools such as Dextools.io and the like appear to be offline as well. Going through all past transactions in a number of pools, it seems it’s been offline for 7~ hours or so. Currently, it is unclear what has caused this problem.

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Update: 11 hours offline, no updates from the Uniswap team on Twitter. Something is not right here.


Uniswap USDC-ETH shows last tx 7 hours ago.


Dextools.io date stamps go back 6-7 hours as well.

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It appears Uniswap.exchange transactions are processing at the moment. Uniswap API services are at a hault. We all know Uniswap is great, what’s not great is tons of API users losing access to data essentially crashing their own tools / services. Moving forward, I hope Uniswap improves their methodology to prevent this from happening again. The story is still unfolding…


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