Top 5 Crypto Trading Tools

Here are the top 5 crypto trading tool websites!

📈 Try Kek's free token explorer📈 – The King

If you haven’t used Tradingview by now… I honestly don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Tradingview is THE website for charting / meme-lining. The amount of features it offers completely free is baffling. The ideas section is a nice way to explore ideas outside of your own. Plenty of features to play around with here. One of my favorite crypto tools, hands down.

Coingecko.comSurprisingly still free?

🔥 What is Cryptokek? 🔥

A relatively new kid on the block, far superior to Coinmarketcap and the like. Coingecko focuses on centralizing all of the data you might require for a coin. Overall, it seems like Coingecko is becoming increasingly dominate in the information crypto ecosystem. – Whale Watching

Any serious ERC-20 trader frequents this website. You can track all sorts of analytics on a coin. You can watch other whales moving coins and see what they’re up to. Tracking the amount of transfers, holders, unique receivers / senders, and transfer amounts can be tracked here too. A powerful tool, no doubt. – Recently Updated has received a facelift. The UI has been overhauled and improved charts have been added. Overall, Uniswap proves to be dominating the space with their statistics page proving to keep up with the competition. Charts for Uniswap coins exist on – Don’t go here.

This one is cancer, but yes… Biz. You’d be surprised but every now and again intelligence shines through the brainlet cloud that hangs over Biz. This is one of the few places on the internet where ideas can (almost) flow freely. Scams and moonshots alike are scattered throughout, best of luck.

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