? Our Top 3 DeFi Farming Tools ?‍?

Let’s discuss our top 3 favorite DeFi farming tools. This list consists of the following: Pools.fyi, The DeFi Farming Toobox, and DeFi Marketcap. Let’s dive in!

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Liquidity farming is all the rage lately. Whales and baby whales alike are constantly seeking a good harvest from their liquidity crops. A great website that provides a ton of insight into the Liquidity farming world is Pools.fyi. On this website you can analyze all sorts of pool trends. Top 10, Top new pools, stable pools, incentivized pools and even sort by the protocol! (Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, etc) – Super useful site!

You might ask, where does one even get started with DeFi farming? How do? This site is a wonderful resource with a detailed guide on how to get started. “DeFi Farmer Toolbox“. The DeFi Farmer Toolbox has a bunch of useful information relating to: Liquidity mining sources, adapting the strategy to your budget, platform-specific resources, and many more. If you need help getting started in the DeFi Farming world – this is it.

Last but certainty not least, DeFiMarketcap.io. When farming in the DeFi world, you have to keep up with the latest DeFi coins and what they’re doing. DeFiMarketcap tracks all sorts of useful information pertaining to DeFi, such as: Top 100 DeFi tokens by market cap, price, circulating supply and 24hr change. This site continues to become increasingly useful as DeFi truly becomes a “Bank in your pocket.”

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