Three’s a Trend! Institutions Seek Refuge from Decaying Dollar

“Bitcoin” Trend – 5 Year Chart – Source

Google trends data clearly showcases retail interest is nothing but boring. So why have Bitcoin markets been so bullish lately? A few reasons: The halving event reducing Bitcoin production, institutions buying Bitcoin as a hedge against a deteriorating dollar + recession, and lastly the fact investors are removing their Bitcoins from centralized exchanges at a record rate. It seems we’ve learned from our past mistakes.

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Bitcoin on Exchanges VS Price – Source

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Institutions Seeking Refuge

The Dollar is actively being hyper-inflated due to poor monetary policy, this we know. The United States is currently in a recession as indicated by the gray highlighted area in the below image. Many large corporations have large stockpiles of cash reserves that are being inflated away into oblivion. Twitter, Microstrategy, and Galaxy Digital Holdings cumulatively have purchased over $600 million worth of Bitcoin since June of 2020. It appears a trend is emerging… Institutions have finally arrived!

Monetary Base; Total = Hyperinflation – Source

This lovely website by @NVK named “Bitcoin Treasuries” is one to keep an eye on. (Added to our Menu > BTC Resources section) Large corporations will increasingly seek hedges against poor monetary policy & hyperinflation. Bitcoin is the answer.

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Bitcoin doesn’t discriminate on how much money you have (accredited investor), anyone may enter! For the first time in history, we the people, have beaten big corporations to the punch line.

We are all going to make it.

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