The Story of LINK and 4chan

Sadly, I have spent a significant amount of time on 4chan’s biz. I think we can all agree 85% of the content on biz is legitimate cancer. Lightly sprinkled throughout, you can find some gems if you dig hard enough. The problem is, how do you identify the lucky meteors versus the Joe Dirt frozen turds?

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Story time!

I have been in the crypto ecosystem since 2013, also known as an old fag. I have watched many projects rocket to Mars while others spectacularly crashed back down to Earth. LINK has been one of those rockets. Flipping back to 4chan, for one reason or another 4chan has essentially fathered Link. It feels as if there’s not a moment in history Link wasn’t being shilled on Biz. This should worry you for any project.


Looking back, I remember seeing Link around $0.20 and thinking “meh”. It hit $1.00, same “meh” – and so on. Now sitting pretty at $13.60 I definitely wished I hadn’t ignored Link for so long. I have come to distrust 4chan, as should you. When I constantly see a coin being shilled hard I typically avoid it. Pajeets and scammers are everywhere in the crypto world.

Price Speculation

My short term call, as seen above in the trading view idea calls Link headed up to $20. Long term, Link could be the next ETH. I remember a time when ETH was $1-3 and I disregarded it, said “meh”, as I have Link. Speaking forwardly, I foresee Link eventually taking the #3. Obviously there will be retracements up until that point, but looking at price history, they don’t last long and then the rocket is quickly refueled.

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Moral of the story

I got rekt not listening to the pajeet quality memes on 4chan. Well, not really, unrealized gains if anything. Does it hurt, yeah, a little. Do I believe I made the right call not investing in Link? Yep! The reasoning is simple: For every 1 legitimate moon-bound project on Biz, there are 10 more stacked right behind it ready to burst into flames on the launchpad. I don’t bet on those odds. Congrats to all of the stinky linky holders who have been obsessed from the start – Your linkies are not so stinky.


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