The Plebs Are Arriving

Wow. It’s actually happening. The international Monetary Fund has officially promoted cryptocurrencies. This is absolutely HUGE. The IMF was formed in 1944 and is composed of 189 countries. The IMF’s goal is to foster overall global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, promote internal trade, and so on. When the IMF came into existence, its primary goal was to rebuild the international payment system.

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As of August 23rd the IMF shilled crypto to its 1.7 MILLION followers. This day will go down in crypto history – absolutely monumental.

Hong Kong Loves Bitcoin

With the recent civil unrest in Hong Kong and capital flight leaving the country in droves, Bitcoin seems like a clear solution to a very big problem. More and more we are seeing pictures like the below newspaper ad promoting Bitcoin. As Barry Silbert said, “Gradually, then suddenly…” – When the event happens, we will see an influx of new Bitcoin users like never before seen. Prepare yourself.

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Side note, remember how there was constant news on Reddit and other sites about what was happening in Hong Kong and the protesting? Then all of a sudden it disappears entirely? Astroturfing is real, anon, you are being manipulated – stay conscious.


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