Statera, the Deflationary Index Fund.

What is Statera?

Statera (STA) is a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT). Think of it as the worlds first crypto index fund. What makes this project so revolutionary is part of the underlying index is the STA token itself. Each time a purchase, buy/sell, transfer, or smart contract execution is performed, 1% of that transaction is burned.

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How Does Statera Work?

Over the past 4 months the token has burned from its initial supply of 101m down to 87.5m. This puts a constant pressure on the STA token to deflate, thus increasing not only its own value, but the index’s value too.

Just 2607 holders.

Undervalued – (Currently $0.10)

Currently STA has a coin rank of #2152. At a market cap of just 8.7m, this diamond has yet to be unearthed. The potential returns for this coin are tremendous. Stop chasing the pumps and get into a promising project that is highly undervalued. If STA hits a modest marketcap of just 87.5 million, you would 10x. For fun, lets say STA eventually gets into the top 100, I mean if Bitcoin Diamond can, surely STA can too. Assuming a deflated supply of 82m STA x $2.00 per coin, that is a marketcap of just 164m. At this very moment, that would be an actual 20x. You can only imagine if STA enters the top 50+.

What is Statera Delta Token?

In the Balancer Pool Statera’s place is held by Statera Delta Token, this ensures that the transaction burns happens safely. The Delta Token consist of 50% Ethereum and 50% Statera.

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Statera Phoenix Fund

Statera Phoenix: The Phoenix Fund allows you to hold four of the top cryptocurrencies with the addition of Statera to reduce volatility, increase gains, and increase the effectiveness of rebalances. This fund holds: Delta (Statera/Etherum), Ethereum, Bitcoin, Chainlink, and Synthetix in the ratio of 40/30/10/10/10. We weighted the fund towards Ethereum, being the bedrock of DeFi which creates the most volume (more accrued fees).

Balancer Pool Phoenix Fund

Big if moon.

Statera is as low as you’re ever going to see it. There’s no way this project stays valued at just 8.7m, it’s physically impossible. Between the DeFi yield farming (30-37%APY) you can achieve by providing liquidity along with Statera’s new deflationary method and a perfect index spread, this project is surely moonbound.


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