Seeking Alpha Testers

We are currently full on our round 1 private alpha. Join our Telegram or Discord to hear about our next round of alpha test when they happen.

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After loads of hard work on our analytics dashboard, we are nearing our first stop – a private alpha test. Initially we are seeking 10 private alpha testers. 10 of those spots has been reserved – 0 remain. For the moment, the dashboard tracks the majority of our AMPL statistics from our spreadsheet here. (Ownership ratios, social & market statistics)

When does the closed alpha begin?

We are putting on some final polish before this closed test. We believe we will be ready in about 7 days from this posting.

Who wants to test it?

Users who find our AMPL data spreadsheet useful, might want to consider testing our analytics dashboard. Other users who enjoy bug testing or providing constructive feedback are more than welcome to come test things out.

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What we are after.

During this closed alpha test we are seeking user feedback & bug testing. We will also be doing some behind the scenes stability testing.

How can I request alpha access?

Jump in our Telegram here and message either @nBtcWeTrust or @cadaepi. You can message in chat, or DM us. Or, hop in Discord and throw a message in chat.

Mobile Cryptokek Dashboard


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