New Developer + Technical Advisor

We would like to warmly welcome Zachary Girson to the Cryptokek family. ?

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In our last post, we briefly mentioned we would be bringing in a 3rd developer to help build, manage, and maintain our datasets. Zack’s expertise is right where we need it… data!

“I love working with data…

…anything from ETL to EDA, feature engineering, scoring/labeling, building & scouring databases, building dashboards, doing wild things in Google Sheets, etc. Most of all, I love concepting and building fully integrated tools that solve complex problems in elegant ways, where user experience and flow is at the fore-front. How can I influence future behavior – the end purpose of all data insight – with the least amount of user input and cognitive effort? It’s an iterative journey and requires a constant monitoring of your problem, your features, and your audience.

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Always curious and learning.

— Tech Stack: Python (object-oriented), PostgreSQL, Flask/Django/Dash/Streamlit, Scikit-learn, CatBoost, XGBoost, NLTK, PyTorch, some Javascript (including Google Apps Script, D3), Excel/Sheets mastery, and counting…

— Math Background: derivative calculus, some linear algebra, & multiple levels of statistics for behavioral research, with a clear grasp of sampling control, adjusting for bias, normalizing/standardizing, feature selection, collinearity, and a layman understanding of how residuals and their loss functions actually work to reduce loss in a model and thus, how to pick the right loss function for the problem, and then how to optimize it.”

– Zackary Girson, LinkedIn Page

Our project largely revolves around cryptocurrency-related data. With that, large databases need to be properly structured, organized, and maintained. Along with these tasks, Zack will advise us on which technical pieces are worthy to add to the dashboard. He will also utilize his expertise to suggest how the data should be presented on the dashboard. Zack also has some wonderful data graphs that he will be implementing into the analytics dashboard itself.

New Technical Advisor

It’s always good to have friends! We have confirmed a technical advisory position with Oleksandr Rybalko. His full stack and enterprise software development experience will be a good resource should we need feedback or help.

That’s a wrap!

Looking back to our Google spreadsheet, all of the members who formally worked on its construction & maintenance are now officially apart of the Cryptokek project. Exciting times!

In the short term, we are hoping to integrate: Metamask authentication, more robust free analytics, as well as some premium analytic features accessed according to the token access tiers in our flowchart here.


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