Monthly Crypto Market Overview

Breakout + Higher High Soon.

The King is Back

In 1.5 days, Bitcoin will close its 3rd weekly candle green. We finally have a confirmed breakout and it feels as if we’re about to set a higher high around $14 – 16k. That most likely will occur over the coming weeks, followed by a retracement, and so on. The tides are shifting to a macro bullish sentiment. We’re all going to make it. ?

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Ethereum 2.0 Soon™

ETH has been killing it the past three weeks. We’ve seen a 78% increase from start to the peak, insane! The crypto world seems to be thrilled about ETH 2.0, which likely was the catalyst for this massive move. Launch dates have been thrown around, some say end of year-ish, others speculate it may arrive later if bugs are found during the testnet. ETH 2.0 can’t come soon enough.

Alt Coins

Link has experienced continues growth against Bitcoin, both past and present. As seen above, 4 weeks ago I called LINK for a big leg up, and it’s likely not out of fuel yet, I’m coincasting it’ll climb near $20 before any bit dumps. “LINK has performed amazingly during a bear market, imagine how it’ll perform in a bullmarket”.

SNX, a personal DeFi favorite, has been doing tremendously well. SNX revolutionized the crypto feedback loop and it has paid off very well for the project. I foresee SNX continuing to do well going forward. Definitely a DeFi leader with a bright future ahead.

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KNC, oh sweet summer child. So innocent, so sweet. I love the Kyber ecosystem entirely. One of my favorite projects, hands down, so much so, in my article I dubbed Kyber, “The DeFi Standard”. I foresee KNC continuing to do very well for itself. If Uniswap had a coin, this is what it would be like.


I am not swing trading this market. It only takes one massive green candle to price you out because you thought “this surely is the top”. We are at the start of the bullrun, the best thing you can do now is position your rocket chairs accordingly and hold on for dear life.


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