Liquidity Farming, 0.2.3 Beta Release, Vesting Schedule, DAO Dev Vault Deposit!

0.2.3 Beta Release

Analytics Dashboard

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  • Slowly transition data collection to typescript
  • Migrated the database to FaundaDB
  • Added token price “scroll” animation on dashboard
  • Created an alert system for data harvesting errors
  • Token price now updates realtime
  • Dashboard internal state management improved

Project Management

  • New developer, data scientist + database management: Zachary Girson
  • Confirmed new technical advisor Oleksandr Rybalko
  • Enacted 18% developer fund lock
  • Changed DAO passing vote percentage to 33% of the total KEK supply
  • 33M of 50M is 66% required majority vote to pass votes
  • Confirmed withdrawals require a vote with the correct weight
  • Deposited 30M KEK tokens into DAO Development Vault
  • Typical project promos via Reddit, YouTube, etc
  • Created internal roadmap

Website Changes

  • Reworked homepage
  • Additional website polish
  • Added Bitchute link to menu system
  • Performance sweep on homepage + blog

KEK Liquidity Farming

We have discussed this topic quite a few times and we believe it’s a nice way to reward project users for putting their crypto to work. Sadly, without altering our token contract drastically, we wouldn’t be able to deploy such a feature any time soon.

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However, it has come to our attention that we will be able to utilize in a way that allows us to reward users who provide liquidity and then lock said liquidity. The structure and rewards of said yields have yet to be determined. Maybe we should come together as a community to figure out what yields make sense. ?

Developer Funds Vesting Schedule: LOCKED – 18% proves to be more and more useful as we progress our project. All of the information relating to our vesting schedule can be found here. The long and short is this: 2 year vesting schedule, 18% of total supply, 3 month per release, devs do not need to sell.

DAO Development Vault Funds Deposited – Soon to be LOCKED – 30%

The idea is that as long as 33M tokens are not acquired by one entity, they cannot attack the vault. Further, if one did try to acquire effectively 66% of the total supply (33M of 50M) they would get destroyed by slippage on Uniswap. The cost to attack vs reward just doesn’t work out profitably due to slippage.

50% of the total supply will be LOCKED as liquidity on Uniswap!

Have a good one lads!

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