Is Statera Bottoming Out?

Today, let’s take a quick peak at Statera’s technical data.

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4HR Statera Charts (MACD, RSI, Volume)

4 HR Analysis

For the most part Statera has been pushing sideways. Boring I know… The RSI has cooled off and seems to be finding support around 42 points. Volume is pretty much equal on both the buy and sell side. Statera seems to be finding strong buy support around the $0.20 – $0.22 range. The MACD is mostly sideways, with a small emphasis on sell side action as of late. It seems like $0.20 is a good time to buy.

12HR Fractal

Possible Fractal

I’ve always enjoyed entertaining the idea of fractals. They’ve paid off the in past for me personally, as seen here. Are they real? Honestly, who knows. Seeing patterns doesn’t always mean they’ll come true. At the same time, do keep an eye out for this fractal as presented in the image above.

Statera Team Clearing Up Confusion

I spoke with one of the devs and was asking him tons of questions about the history of Statera. As of the other day, they wrote a very informative article about the history of Statera. I highly suggest you read this.

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Statera Refund Completed

As promised, the $STA part of the refund has been successfully completed. We now patiently wait for the Balancer Team to complete theirs.

This is a historic moment as we have just done something that has never been seen in the DeFi space before.

More Updates coming soon!?

Transaction Tx:


Overall, I am still bullish on Statera. I still have my bag packed ready to go. Onwards and upwards!


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