How to Save ETH While Trading On Uniswap

First off, let’s see how much money you’ve paid in ETH fees. Go to and tack on your address to the end after the = symbol.

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I think you’re going to be shocked to find out how much money you’ve spent on gas. ETH 2.0 WHEN?

Quick Tips to Save On Ethereum Gas Fees

1:) Swap to WETH instead of ETH. This one is pretty straight forward. You’ll notice on Uniswap, it actually swaps your token of choice to WETH and then does the conversion. Using WETH can help save on fees & time.

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2:) Consider swapping at an odd time of the day. Perhaps at night when most are sleeping. is a great resource to check out current gas costs.

3:) Consider switching to a wallet that offers free gas. The Argent wallet offers “Free” gas and has enhanced security. I wrote an article on it here. Do keep in mind, while the gas is “free”, I found swapping directly through Kyberswap yielded more tokens. The added security is a nice touch, though.

4:) Trade in whole numbers. For example, always round up or down your trades, if you want to buy 1 ETH worth of BAND, round the BAND output amount up or down to a whole number. I find transactions fail a lot less frequency when this is done.

5:) Set your slippage to a high, rounded percent. If Uniswap estimates slippage limits to 0.50% consider using 1% or even 1.5%. With how wildly a coin can swing you want to want to make sure this is set with a large safety margin. If your trade falls outside of the slippage margin, the transaction will fail and you’ll likely be out that $5-$15 you’ve spent on that TX.

6:) Avoid complex swapping contracts. For example, I remember trading on Kyberswap and the fees were climbing up into the $20+ range, which is ludicrous. Even worse, the transactions would fail for one reason or another. Consider using a DEX aggregator like and utilize their CHI gas token, which is suppose to help reduce gas cost.

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