How to add liquidity on Uniswap

How to add liquidity to Uniswap, this quick and easy guide will show you what you can do to provide liquidity on Uniswap.

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What do you need?

  • Metamask -> check out how to set that up
  • Your pair you want to provide liquidity to (for example ETH and USDT)
  • Uniswap 

Why would I do that?

By adding liquidity you’ll earn 0.3% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool, accrue in real time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.



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So lets break down how to do it!

  1. First open Uniswap and connect your wallet 

Click on ”add liquidity” if you want to provide liquidity to an already existing pool

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2. You can now choose the pair and deposit an equal amount of both, it tells you how many of each are equal to the other

Click on supply and go through with the transactions as if you would make a trade.

That’s it! You will now earn crypto passively through providing liquidity!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a keking day!

Peter T.

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