Day Trading Will Drain Your Soul…

These past few months have been utterly exhausting. Watching your portfolio balance increase by 300% just to crash down 65%, and so on… is exhausting. After writing my recent article about crypto addiction, I honestly asked myself if I was addicted. As of recent, I’ve started to truly contemplate how much time and energy this activity is consuming.

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The crypto space is fascinating and I enjoy being ingrained in the ecosystem. Creating crypto related content is a far better time sink than spending countless hours staring at my phone or meme lines on my computer screen. These habits cannot be healthy, I must change them.

Computer addiction

Cryptokek and the subsequent videos, articles, & resources were born from a passion of crypto. I’ve been interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2012. Had I spent even a small fraction of those years working on a project like Cryptokek, or producing videos on YouTube (SUBPLZ), I would have much more to show for it than staring at lines on a screen. Lessons have been learned.

As of yesterday, I removed all widgets on my phone’s home screen, I no longer have Trading View open on one screen and Unsiwap on the other. You might ask, how do? Well… I locked my coins into the BAND protocol’s staking contract for 21 days, so even if I wanted to, I can’t touch them. Speculating on shitcoins day in and day out can be highly profitable, but at what cost? Your sanity? Your life?

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I’ve learned a lot over the past 8 years in the crypto space. Sometimes the best move is no move at all. I’m happy with my position in BAND & Bitcoin. I’m happy with the reoccurring income from staking. I’m happy I can focus on my project work and stop obsessively checking my phone every 4.21 seconds. Finally I am free.

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