Current Year: 1995

We are all early to the crypto party. The current level of Bitcoin usage is shockingly similar to that of internet usage back in 1995. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is affirmatively in its infancy. We are all going to make it.

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The .com Crypto Bubble is Coming

We will look back at the upcoming crypto bullrun and dub it something similar to the 2000 .com bubble. History teaches us, many companies during that time period crashed miserably. A select few continued on to become some of the largest companies the world has ever seen. Bitcoin & Ethereum without a doubt will become the largest digital assets ever.

Not Without Failure

Thousands of crypto projects have, and will, continue to fail spectacularly. The crypto space has no shortage of drama, ponzis, and out right scams. We do not learn from our success, we learn from our mistakes. The question then shifts to: What projects other than Bitcoin and Ethereum will succeed?

Bedrock for 2025 World Wide Financial System

Solution Providers, Bridge Builders, & Protocols

The easiest way to sell something is to fix a problem, make something easier to do, or create a protocol that people prefer to use. For example, Uniswap, Curve, and the like, have not only made it easy to swap tokens, but in a decentralized manner, with deep liquidity depth to boot.

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Yearn Finance, Chainlink, BAND, SNX, and many more that deserve to be on this short list. All of these projects are providing solutions, building protocols, or just making something easier.

The Party is Just Getting Starting

At this very moment we are laying the foundation for what will become the most significant event in the past 100 years. You thought the .com bubble was innovative and exciting? Just wait until cryptocurrency becomes the defacto form of value as we know it. We are all going to make it.

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