Cryptokek Seed Funding Has Started! 🌱

We are happy to announce our tokens are available for purchase. We have come up with a fair token presale schedule (thanks @Tomxbt).

Presale Information

  • Presale token price – $0.003.
  • Uniswap launch price – $0.003.
  • Goal: sell 25M tokens of the 100M circulating supply.
  • 100% of presale funds will be locked for 2 years as liquidity on Uniswap using TrustSwaps Smartlock.
  • Uniswap launch date is 01/01/2021 OR once we sell all 25M tokens.

Fact: Our token is hard capped at 100,000,000 tokens. The ability to mint new tokens was destroyed forever as seen here under burn events.

Tokenomics Simple Breakdown

  • 25% of token supply for presale
  • 25% of token supply to liquidity match presale amount.
  • 20% is the development vault ( ! must have community DAO approval to withdraw)
  • 10% Stimulus & marketing (liquid funds to spur community growth, giveaways, raffles, meme contest, advertisements, etc)
  • 20% Founder tokens – These tokens will be on a vesting schedule over the course of 2 years. (We have to pay our bills somehow)

This allows community members a fair chance to acquire our token as what essentially is the lowest price possible.

Working products 100% driven by the community!

DAO / Token Utility Flow Chart

To increase fair distribution of tokens, the maximum purchase amount for any one person is $1,500.

How can I participate in the presale?

Step 1:) Send ETH to our foundation wallet: 0xe269D07aCE139330f0832456aC641f2062Aa19B5

Step 2:) KEK tokens will then be sent back to the address from which the ETH originated.

To calculate how many tokens you’ll receive, divide the amount of purchase, i.e. $1,000 worth of ETH / $0.003 = 333,333 KEK tokens.

(Double confirm you are sending ETH to the correct wallet. Our foundation wallet can be found HERE.)

Within the first 24 hours we have received nearly 7% of our goal of $75,000 – Wow! 🙏🏻

Looking for more information? Check out our token homepage.

If you have questions message me, email us, or come hop in our Discord and ask questions.


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