Cryptokek Granted Access to Private Tradingview Charting Library + Project Updates

Good day lads – exciting news in Kektopia!

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We’ve been granted access to utilize Tradingview’s private technical analysis charting library. This opens up a world of possibilities as showcased by We will have full access to all of Tradingview’s drawing tools, indicators, and so much more. The rocket boosters are rumbling…

Tradingview Libraries

Behind the Scenes

We have been working tirelessly on migrating our backend database over to FaunaDB. We are 99% completed in this regard. The front end analytics dashboard has been on a temporary hold until this migration is completed. The new database has effectively increased performance by 10X! This new database has future-proofed our project while simultaneously allowing us to serve data much more effectively.

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New Developer

Cryptokek is a data-heavy project. Our focus is to gather & present easily digestible analytics that cannot be found elsewhere. Who better to bring into the team than someone who specializes in data itself. We are working out the final details of this arrangement, but it seems like a great fit. Stay tuned for more on this topic.

Have a great day lads!


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