Year-End Review + Site Traffic Statistics ? 2020 Milestones ? Traffic Overview

Prior to July, was still being imagined, team being assembled, sites constructed, blog posts being written, promotions running, and so on. For that sake, I will exclude prior data.

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Some things to note: Cloudflare traffic statistics include all sub-domains under, i.e.,,, (KIA).

We have cross-referenced with Google analytic data the past 30-day traffic stats to all Cryptokek domains and it comes out to 849 unique visitors over the past 28 days closely matching the bottom screenshot showcasing nearly the same figures as Cloudflare of 10k~ unique visitors over the past 30 days.

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Google Search Traffic

575 Passive Google Clicks – 3 Months

Adding up all the monthly data points and dividing by 6 months gives us roughly 25k~ unique visitors per month spread throughout the KEK ecosystem – not bad!

As we near 2021, we are excited about how we can further contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our focus is to continue building our eventual world-class analytics dashboard and the subsequent moving pieces, continue creating quality media content, and improving our underlying ERC-20 token, deliver on community proposals and so much more!

Up up & away! Have a kektastic day. ?

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