CoinGecko’s Trending Manipulated?

Let’s put on our tin foil hats and entertain ALL ideas, shall we?

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We all love Coingecko, that we can agree on. What I’m having a hard time believing is the trending data on Coingecko. Which got me thinking… How hard would it be to manipulate Coingecko’s trending coins? Further, How many people use this data as a strong buy or sell indicator?

Nothing to see here…

Okay, Yearn should be in that trending data and maybe some of its clones, but Meme… Porkchop… Tacos?! Am I living in some food cryptocoin parallel universe? Why isn’t AMPL trending – it’s up 150% in the past 2 days? Have we food-climaxed in crypto or are we just getting started? Part of me likes to think it’s just a bunch of dweebs messing around with crypto, but my curry senses are tingling…

1337 hax0r selling Tacocoin

I can only assume Coingecko’s trending algorithm analyzes which coins are searched most and spits them out. Honestly, how hard would it be to set up a bot farm or some other automagic method to query these unheard of coins. Is this one of those “services” that are constantly being spammed in Telegram?

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Be careful out there anon. Things are not what they seem. The matrix has you.

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