Chico & Ivan Dump on Their Followers

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Let’s speculate on the idea that popular crypto figure heads like Ivan on Tech, Chico Crypto, and all the rest are actively pumping and dumping on their followers. Hard proof is near impossible to obtain due to the anonymous nature of crypto. Along with that, if the bad actors are caught, all they have to do it chalk it up to a leak, or mistake, but it surely wasn’t them dumping on you.

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Insane or Sane?

It’s really not THAT far fetched that these figure heads would do something like this, right? I mean… if you had hundreds of thousands of followers at a fingers reach, you’re telling me you wouldn’t use this power for evil? All it takes is one tweet of why you “like” a coin and BOOM – INSTA-PUMP! You see this same event happening throughout the ecosystem.

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Chico Crypto actively discloses his sponsorship’s for when he is paid for a video. I believe Chico uses this disclosure to build trust with his followers. This is a nice touch, but there’s nothing stopping him from “being interested” in a project and subtly shilling it. Trading in the crypto world is truly 4D chess, everyone is trying to outplay the next guy to make a buck. You bet your ass they’re manipulating you just to dump their bags on you.

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Near The Top Indicator

If you are lucky enough to be in these coins before these figure heads shill them, you might want to consider their tweet as a warning, and prepare to average out as their plebeian followers buy in.

Personally, I don’t buy coins that are shilled by these figure heads. Rather, get out on that crypto river and start panning for gold. Look for a big brain team, a crypto that solves a problem or builds a bridge. Seek projects with unique working products and not just copy paste vaporware.

Good look anon, stay conscious.

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Ivan on tech shilling a proven scam


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