Can You Feel That? We’re About To Make it.

Have you been on Twitter lately? What about CoinTelegraph or Reddit? The Crypto space is buzzing like a coked up fly. YFI is going straight parabolic, Ethereum is cracking past multi-year resistances, Sushi is feeding the plebs. We’re ALL about to make it.

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It truly feels like 2017 is in the air. The energy in the crypto space is electrifying. Fresh ideas are being born into the crypto world left and right, YAM, Sushi, Yearn Finance, and many others. True innovation occurs within a bear market, not a bull market. In a bull market, you have too many plebs and too much speculation. After the plebs get burned and exit, that’s when the hardcore crypto addicts get to work.

Plan ahead, come up with your exit plan now. Don’t wait until the last moment to make spur of the moment decisions. When the time comes, stick to your plan! Dollar cost averaging-out might be a good method to consider. Don’t get sucked into the euphoria and make poor decisions. Prepare yourselves the crypto bull IS coming.

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