Beta Release 0.3.0 + 2 New Cryptokek Team Members!

During our weekly live stream last Saturday (set reminder for the next live stream here) we formally announced our new team member @kekambassadorp. We also discussed all of the new features in our app. Let’s get it down in writing!

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Analytics Dashboard (to be named soon – go vote in chat!)

  • Implement JWT For authentication
  • Authenticating users with Metamask
  • Fixed Metamask disconnect loop bug
  • Added token access tiers framework
  • Test it out here!

Project Management

  • New team member Peter – Community, marketing, blog writing, helping Jake
  • New team member Sean – Front / Back end developer (CodeMe), helping Filip.
    • In order to remain entirely transparent here is the contract not contract we have agreed upon with Sean. 6-month length, $1,000 in kek tokens per month, 20 hours per week, Sean will only sell a “couple hundred dollars” worth per month.
    • After the 6 months, Sean has a few options assuming the community votes yay on the request: He can request DAO vault funds on a per-task basis, per month (as he is now) or even the same vesting schedule that Filip and I are on. That will be up to the community to decide as Filip and I will only have 15%~ of the 33% required to withdraw DAO funds at this point. Power to the people!
    • DAO development vault token (hereby DDV) withdrawal required! We hate to spring this out of the left-field, but, once we list on Uniswap we effectively will no longer have access to the DDV. As mentioned above, Sean’s 6-month contract is $1,000 per month. Now, the price of our token will likely fluctuate greatly both down and up, keeping that in mind we will be withdrawing 3M tokens to ensure we have enough funds to pay Sean for the next 6 months. The wallet is publically listed here – transparency is key!

Project Management

🔥 What is Cryptokek? 🔥

  • Enabled on – Performance boost
  • Enabled on – Performance boost
  • Enabled on – Performance boost
  • Migrated name ->
  • Migrated ->
  • Added announcements category to the menu
  • Polished menu system + fixed bug
  • Complete menu system redesign + implementation + polish
  • Cryptokek Year-End Review article
  • Multiple marketing efforts on a person to person basis (shills)
  • Applied some more wax to
  • KEK Forum online (GET IN NOW) + polish
  • Added darkmode to the ecosystem
  • Added “install app” to chrome + firefox + etc

Have a good day everyone!


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