BAND to Mirror LINK’s Infinite Bullrun?

Never would I have thought LINK would be rank #5 on the leader boards. Previously I have expressed my disdain for Chainlink. It goes without saying, overtime I have realized my mistake, and that Chainlink is well deserving of rank #5.

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Today I want to discuss the possibility that BAND will recreate LINKS explosive multiyear bullrun.

BAND CTO scores higher than Vitalik Buterin

@VitalikButerin, co-founder of @ethereum got a bronze medal at the Olympiad of Informatics in 2012. Meanwhile, @BandProtocol Co-founder, @nomorebear got a gold medal a year earlier. The Olympiad of informatics holds a contest which consists of two days of computer programming/coding and problem-solving of algorithmic nature.

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Now, I’m sure a lot has changed since these competitions took place, none the less there is something to be said about the BAND CTO scoring higher than god tier Vitalik Buterin himself.

Rank #62 – (Current Price: $11.95)

This is some very straight forward logical thinking. If LINK is valued at near 6 billion dollars, and BAND is valued at just 250m, which one presents a better investment opportunity? LINK has hardly any competition whatsoever. Decentralized oracles are a critical piece to this crypto puzzle, and to be reliant upon one “big” oracle seems like a massive central point of failure. I believe BAND is posed to go much higher than $11.95. I could see it easily climbing into the top 10 before the year is up, or shortly thereafter.

Price Predictions

*Shakes magic 8 ball* – If I had to take a guess, I think BAND could work its way towards $100. Remember, at this moment there are only 20.5m of them circulating, with a max supply of 100m. Say 22m coins at $100 each, gives you a marketcap of 2.2billion. This seems reasonable considering LINK is valued nearly 3 times more than that.

The future is very bright for the BAND protocol and I’m excited to see it compete directly with Chainlink.

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