Are We in a Crypto Bull Market?

Short answer: Yes.

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Long answer: Kind of.

The golden bull is just beginning his run. Bulls are big, they are heavy, they stomp their hooves building energy to charge forward. We are just beginning to stomp our shiny golden hooves. We have yet to begin our golden run.

Bull Beginning It’s Run

Throughout the 2013 and 2016 bull runs, it wasn’t clear if we were in a bull run. There would be periods of massive green candles quickly followed by similarly sized red candles. Looking back at the data, the overall trend was clearly upward. With the recent green price action we will more than likely see some red. How big those red candles will be has yet to be seen.

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Don’t Buy Bitcoin!

When does the ACTUAL bull run begin?

From memory, when you start to see multiple days or perhaps weeks of double digit gains you may be nearing the peak. It starts off slow. As we move further into the bull run, these green days will increase in magnitude. I wrote a detailed article on how to spot market euphoria here.

2016 / 2017 Bitcoin Bullrun

The waters are choppy.

Yes, we are headed upward, but not without volatility. Try not to get caught up the intraday whales splashing water around. This is one reason why I don’t leverage trade. Crypto is already high risk – I’m not losing my stack because of market manipulators. It only takes one event like Black Thursday to get liquidated.

Keep your eyes peeled, hold steady and do your best to sniff out peak euphoria. Are we in a bull market? You bet your ass we are and were just getting started!


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