Apple Removed Our App.

After jumping through hoop after hoop, paying the developer fee, and paying to have the app created — Apple has removed our app.

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Apple Cucked

TL;DR – Apparently in order to show charts for Cryptocurrencies on the Apple app store you have to be an “exchange or recognized financial institution.” What’s funny is, we don’t even have code in yet to actually swap tokens.

Here’s the thing… our application is 100% desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly. We don’t need an “Apple App”, or even an “Android App” — it’s completely redundant and unnecessary. For that reason we will NOT be pursuing further “Apple app” development.

PWA’s are the future anyway. PWA’s kill the app store.

🔥 What is Cryptokek? 🔥

Our website ( is in fact a PWA. We’re still fine tuning it, but access the site using Chrome and add to home screen.

1:) Favorite browser

2:) Go to

3:) Click browser menu Button “…”

4:) “Add to homescreen” or “Create shortcut”

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